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re: Larry the Lalafel's - - - Primal News!


Hi There Folks! Exciting news to report for all loyal Primites!!! Let's get started!


Quote of the Day:

"Don't cry because it is over, Smile because it happened!" - - - Dr. Seuss


Farewell, Goodbye, So long:

Last week the FC took a turn toward rebuilding and regrowth, as a corps group of members decided to seek adventures elsewhere and on their own. Most FC's would be bothered or distressed when a break occurs, but the word in Eorzea around Primal's Bane has been positive! That FINALLY! the FC can take the steps forward toward rebuilding it's foundation as it has been envisioned and without the misrepresentation, lying, show boating and pedalstal waiving attitudes that some of the members who left, portrayed. For those who's eyes were covered by the wolves clothing, all i can say is that you will learn your lesson the hard way, no ill intent towards the newer members, just chalk it up to: To new to Realize! In any case, this isn't a rant on who has left, this is a celebration to those of us who are re-energized at stepping forward!! To those FC members who would like to hear the "Story" that the leader of the those who left made, please feel free to discuss with me in game, many of the FC members already know the reasons, it's not a secret, so please feel free to talk to anyone in the FC. 



Last week began a new chapter with our long standing FC. There have been recent changes within the FC with Thagrosh stepping down and Corzan taking over, but now is the time for more members to take the step forward. Let's not forget! that our FC was based upon Friendship, loyalty, and dedication! With that in mind, I'm happy to announce that Strings Broken and Really Cute have stepped up in taking lead of the FC! Epyon and myself will support thier efforts as they launch a new vision for our team with inclusion of members of all levels and ranks! The goals that they see, is a FC that incorporates players of all levels, newbies, players in there 30's, 40's 50's as well as end game players that come together and move together, helping each other as we move forward. This is and was the very foundation that Primal's Bane had set over two years ago when we started. This is the very message that was forgotten in recent months but now, the ship is righted and the sails are unfurled! FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!! 


FC Raid Night:

Last week's sour events did not stop our Friday night FC night. Bo Forehand led the way with taking charge of the evening as he brought together a team for Sephirot EX! Although deemed as a learning party, the group put together had a great time taking hacks at Sephirot, until he swiped us all! LOL! Bo did a phenomenal job at tanking, Kiani was mind blowing at dps with over 2k dps through the first two phases!!! while Cor did an okay job at calling out the phases. We also saw the return of Orran Durai who helped with his Scholarly heals! With Orran getting some higher leve gear and with more FC members in the fray, Sephi will be a piece of cake to take down, the next time! Great Job Everyone!!!



Last week PB finished 24th with the Twin Adders while finishing 77th overall Grand Companies. I know we've been higher in the past, but look what the future has in store for us!!!

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re: Larry the Lalafel's - - - Primal News!


Great write-up. I'm excited about the new directions we're taking. Strings and Really have done a great job so far, and listening to their ideas for FC events are exciting! I really like the environment everyone is helping to create and my hopes are high.

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