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re: Larry the Lalafel's - - - Primal News!


Hi There Primites! Larry here, with this week's Primal!


New Member:

Primal's Bane would like to welcome Devil Blade to the FC! Please make sure he is welcomed and acclimated into all things Primal!


Rankings: Last week was a slow week for PB as we finished 14th with the Twin Adders and 30 overall Grand Companies.


FC Event Chocobo 25:

Last week PB completed it's third Chocobo 25 Race with four contestants, err....five if you include the tandem team of Clovis and Ragna, lol, and three judges! The race is simple, it's 25 laps around the Mist with activated short cuts and cheats are encouraged. If you get caught however, you must spend a Five second penalty at the nearest judges box. As the race started, Kah'len took an early lead by wining 3 of the first 5 laps, but then, Sora and Clovis/Ragna took over by trading wins. Celestia snuck in on one lap as she was definitely, the Team Spirit winner of the night! By the halfway point, Kah'len and Clovis/Ragna had accumalated most of the lap wins, but Sora and Celestia weren't giving up! With some timed Short cuts, and maybe some masterful cheating, Sora quickly took several laps in a row to quickly gain on the leaders. As the racers got to the last lap, all bets were off as each member raced thier hardest to get to the finish line. For most of the night, there were clear cut winners, but the last lap, proved that was an anomaly as it came down to another neck and neck race! At the finish line, it was Clovis/Ragna, followed by Sora, and Kah'len mere inches away, coming in third, followed by Celestia! The winners took home 250k gil and the coveted Zu mount, Second place took home 100k and the coronation medal, while third place received 75k gil. All participants received a minimum of 10k gil as 10k was given to each winner of each lap during the race! All in all, it was a great night of racing...Please look forward to the next FC Event! Coming Soon!



Last week was a slow week for both teams, as Pis Aller tried to get off the ground however, when we though it was off, it was on, then it was off again, or was it on? i'm so confused, lol, in any case, we will picking up the pieces again this week. 

As for FCH, many member had things to do, so official raiding was called off to focus on RL stuff for last week. Sunday and Monday the group got back into A4S and was able to drop Manipulator to 18% before enrage!


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