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re: Larry the Lalafel's - - - Primal News!


Good Day Primites!

Larry here, with this week's Primal News!

Ranking: Last week, PB finished 7th with the Twin Adders and 16th overall GC!!!

Quote of the Day:

"Every act of Rebellion expresses an act of nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the expression of being." - - - Alber Camus

"Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your Dreams." - - - Ralph Waldo Emerson


FC Meeting:

Primal's Bane set a new record in both attendance to the meeting as well as members joininig in TS for the meeting. Thank you to every member who participated and was able to receive the most up to date information about what the FC's goals and ambitions are! I hope everyone had a great time, as we move forward together in building this into our FC!

The meeting opened with the welcoming of our latest members: Bo Forehand, Clovis and Ragna Weisshardt, and Celestia Amor to the FC! Our newest additions are quickly proving to be valued members, participating just about every FC activity! Please make sure that our new members feel welcome and enjoy their time with Primal's Bane!

Next up, was our Get to know a different side of our FC members, this time, it was Animal Association....For example, Corzan went first, his animal was a Wolf. He associates with wolves because they can be a solitary animal, perfectly working by hisself, but is stronger when he works in a pack...similar to a wolf! Lorient took the minutes and we'll have them posted as soon as possible, so without going down the list, i'll stop right there! ;-)

After the Ice breaker, it was time to say so long to one of our most strongest members of the FC: Strider Multizero. Strider recently met a player who pushed him further into the game, and admiration for each other blossomed into a marriage. With the marriage, Strider's new bride Gotita asked if he would help thier FC out by joining them. After a long soul search, Strider made the decision to move over. Strider will be missed, but he isn't leaving Lamia, so if you need him, he is just a whisper away!

Next up was the FC Event Announcement, which was led by Kiani Kitkat. Kiani mentioned that this Friday, September 2nd, at 7:30PM will be the FC latest event: the Chocobo 25's third race! The map of the course is located in the Gallery of pictures on our site, but essentially, it is the circumference of the Mist home area. It is a 25 lap race with each lap winner receiving 10k gil and the overall winner receiving a Zu Mount, worth up to 1mil gil, and 250k gil. Second place receives 100k gil and Third receives 75k gil! Please mark your calendars and try your best to be there! Good Luck!!!

After the FC Event announcement, Lorient and Cor talked about the new Ranking system that is going to be implemented. Again BIG thank you to the FC members who had offered ideas into the new plan! Speaking of the plan, the goal is to reorganize the ranking system with built in achievements so that when a FC member advances, that they feel like they have accomplished something, and not just merely time of service. The opinions from of FC is that we should not take away from existing privileges and that this should be built in going forward. This will be a little trickier to do, but we will do our best to accomadate these actions!

Uploaded by: Corzan Dex on 2016-03-03 07:40:23

Next up was REcruitment: Lorient mentioned that he and Kah'len are working on a FC video that will showcase our house and members in an effort to promote more members in joining us and our team. Along with the video, Lorient is posting recruitment offers in Reddit as well as Cor's posting in the FFXIV Lodestone forums.

The last topic was Raiding: Corzan and Lorient covered the raiding seen with Cor informing the FC that we have two teams: FCH and Pis Aller. FCH raids more late night and does up to current content, currently working on A4S, while Pis Aller is more prime time raiding working on End Game, currently completing Niddhog EX and working on M1S/A5S. Both teams are looking for more to help establish a roster of players to go in and down content. Ragna was invited to Pis Aller while we wait to see what Clovis schedule look like.

The meeting then ended at 8:30PM, and the FC then conducted our FC Raid night which consisted of Ravanna EX runs, A8 normal runs, and expert runs. 


Lorient's Meeting Notes:


Corzan starting the meeting by welcoming our newest members; Celestia, Ragna, and Clovis.

We moved on to an icebreaker, comparing each other to animals.

Corzan = Wolf, Strings = Otter, Bo = Beaver, Celestia = Squirrel, Clovis = Small Dog, Lorient = Bat, Ragna = Male Lion, Really = Puppy, Rias = House Cat, Kiani = Squirrel, Strider = White Wolf, Xion = Crow

The FC said a fond farewell to Strider who is moving over to his in-game wife's FC. Best of luck to him with everything!

Next, Kiani announced the Chocobo 25 event that will take place on Friday. First Prize is a Zu Mount and Gil with Gil prizes for others as well.

Corzan and Lorient talked about the website and FB group as well as introducing the officers to the new members.

Corzan talked about the FC ranking system. He discussed the idea of doing a progression type ranking system when completing achievements with FC members would give the ability for people to earn hiring ranks based on crafting and battle achievements. If members have any suggestions on this, they can let the officers know.

Lorient spoke about recruitment and that he and Kahlen have posted to the Lamia Facebook Group and are working on a recuitment video. They are open to any suggestions for recruitment.

Corzan talked about the FC raid teams. We talked about FCH and what content they are running as well as the new FC team Pis Aller which raids on Wednesday nights is looking for new members who want to learn/run end game content with a static group. Anybody interested in raiding can contact Epyon Darcia.

 Monthly Ranking:

Last month, PB finished 10th with the Twin Adders and 20th with all Grand companies! Fantastic job!!!


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