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re: Larry the Lalafel's - - - Primal News!


Hello Everyone!

What a great FC Event we had last Friday!!! Let's start off with that, shall we?



Last Friday, PB held it's latest FC Event: Where in Eorzea is Kiani Kitkat? This was a where's waldo/hide n seek type event where Kiani created a new character, similarly named, and went and found an awesome hiding spot for the Seven FC members to find him! Since the Event was linked into the promoting the website, Kiani posted the first picture of where he was at on website and 30 seconds later, we posted the same pic to the PB Facebook page. 30 seconds after that, the picture was linked to the TS channel, then followed by the game's FC Chat log 30 after that. after 30 minutes in, and after many FC members thought that they knew where Kiani was after seeing the picture, a second picture was submitted to the various FC resources and then, at the 47 minutes mark, Epyon found our wayward kitty hiding somewhere in Summerford Farms....About five minutes later, Corzan found the kitty, followed by Kah'len, then Really, then Lorient and Strings! The event was extremely well done, with the FC members talking and communicating with each other, but at the same time keeping thier  searching skills to themselves! All in all, the Mandragora Royalty minions went out as prizes, as did up to 500k Gil in prize money!

Our Next event will be in Three weeks with the Chocobo 25 making it's Third Appearance! Up For grabs will be the ZU mount and of course: GIL!!!! Please mark your calendars for the next FC Event!


Our next FC meeting will be held on August 26th 2016! Please mark your calendars! Lorient will update our FB page, while the officers will promote inside the game. 

Quote of the Day: "Nothing Else in the World....not all the as powerful as an idea whose time has come!" - - - Victor Hugo

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." - - - Henry Ford

"You must learn to be still, in the midst of activity, and vibrantly alive in repose." - - - Indira Gandhi



Last week, PB finished 12th with the Twin Adders while moving up to 26th with all Grand Companies! Great Job!



After the FC event on Friday, there was a request to complete Turn 9 to get some more High alagan Glamour tokens so a quick group was made and off to turn 9 it was...after the third attempt, two weapon glamours dropped, as did a chest glarmour as well as the Orchestrion music! It was a fun time as everyone had  a blast in this old end game raid!

Team FCH Had a great time in A4S last week, getting the encounter to 1%!!! Great job guys! now, time for the finish!!! Go! Go! Go!!!

The Primetime night raid took the week off as a couple of members were out of town and a few were visitng other FC members, but, that didn't stop who was on for completing a WC run! And yes....for umpteenth time, Corzan still has not seen or received the BRD chestpiece yet.....someday, someday....This week however, Epyon is taking charge of the raiding and he is putting together a team to look at M1S, and maybe Nidhogg EX for this Wednesday! I believe start time will be at 8:00PM EST to give some members a chance to get home and situated before logging onto the game. 

That's it for now folks! Pleas make sure to check here from day to day for any updates and communcation to all things Primal!!!

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