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re: Larry the Lalafel's - - - Primal News!


Hi there Folks! Larry here with this weeks Primal News!

 Quote of the Day: "Don't Find Fault, Find Remedy. Anyone can Complain." - - - Henry Ford

"Not all those who wander, are lost." - - - J R R Tolkein

"Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way." Abraham Lincoln

FC Meeting:

So, to kick off, this reporter would like to talk about last Friday's FC Meeting. What A Turn Out!!! First and foremost, thank you to all the FC members who took time out of thier gameplay to attend this one hour meeting. The meeting addressed new leadership, new events, new raiding formats, mini games to get to know one another, and most of all, it created a bond to those that attended to want to make the FC a better place for anyone who wants to join us! Corzan Dex was introduced as the new FC leader and he vowed to support each FC member as we move together in this new building process. Lorient Crux was kind enough to take the minutes for the meeting and he posted them in our members forums, since given credit for his work, I'm going to be lazy and copy paste his notes here as well:

We had a great turnout of 12 people for the FC meeting tonight.

Corzan opened the meeting by explaining the change in leadership. Due to real life taking up a lot of his time, Thagrosh has stepped down from FC Leader until he gets some more time to be on the game more. Epyon had taken leadership in the initial changeover, but opted to pass it to Corzan before he left to address family concerns for the last week.

Currently, the leadership team is Corzan as FC Leader and Kiani, Epyon, and Lorient as Officers.

Following this we did some icebreakers, getting to know the group a bit better.

After this, Corzan addressed a change in the ranking system that will be happening soon in an attempt to make the rank more meaningful and have people feel like they have more responsibility.

Kiani talked about the next FC event, which takes place next Friday and will be a hide and seek even where members have to find Kiani around Eorzea. Prizes will be gil as well as the Garden Minions.

We officially announced our FC Facebook page, headed by Lorient, which will have a lot of the website information posted on FB to increase the methods of communication that we have.

Corzan also discussed the openness of our TS and that all channels are free for anyone to use.

Lorient introduced the main roster of the FCH Raid team, our late evening raid times of 10:00PM EST and that we are looking for subs. Anybody interested in running with us can contact Kahlen Vexxen, Lorient Crux, Lynette Aborathe, or Silent Eclipse.

Corzan announced the reformation of the prime time raid team that will be running in the early evening (7:30PM EST) as opposed to FCH's late night schedule. Anybody interested can contact Corzan Dex, Kiani Kitkat, or Epyon Darcia.

We talked about FC Raid Request night on Fridays. If anybody has any requests for Friday nights, please contact Lorient Crux so he can get it organized.

Kiani talked about gardening and that if anybody has any gardening requests to let him know. This includes things like Jutes, Blood Peppers, Chocobo Dyes, ect.

Lorient talked about the current events; Palace of the Dead, Yokai Watch, and Moonfire Faire.


After the success of the meeting the FC then gathered together to fullfill Bo Forehand's request of Thordan EX. 



This Friday, we will be conducting our newest FC event: Where in Eorzea, is Kiani? That's right folks, Kiani will be hidden throughout Eorzea and will be submitting picture clues to the website, FB page, TS and FC chat lines and those that locate his position, will be rewarded Gil and Prizes! Please be ready to get your Laura Craft/Indiana Jones' Hats on!!! Up for grabs is Gil and the Gardening Court royalty Mandragora set!


FCH has been on a roll of late with last week's clear of Thordan EX, this week they took on A1S and A2S, Seph EX and took a brief look at Niddy EX and A4S! Great job on the clears all! The Prime Time raid team went back into Niddy EX and even though most were first timers or second timers, to get back to the add stage on the first attempts was great and highly successful! The Prime Time team will be looking to finalize and formalize a new team as we move forward, but for now, any attempts are useful and importantly, FUN!!!


Last week PB finished ranked 13th with the Twin Adders and 39th overall Grand Companies! Top players were: Kiani Kitkat, Strider Multizero, and Rias Blackmane! Great Job!!!


That's it for now, folks, as usual, please check here day to day, for all exciting updates to Primal's Bane!

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