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re: Larry the Lalafel's - - - Primal News!


Hey Primites! Larry here with this week's news!

 Quote of the Day/Week:

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

FC Meeting:

This Friday, August 8th, Primal's Bane will conduct our next FC meeting! Topics will include New Leadership changes, new events, PB's new Facebook page, new ranking systems, and more! Please make your best effort to attend this meeting!


Primal's Bane new Facebook Page:

Although the new FB page will be discussed at the next FC meeting, the idea of creating the page is to promote more communication as many of our members already use FB in thier daily lives. Since we have promoted and promoted the use of our website, not many people are acclimated into using the PC for information, especially when they play on the PS4, but hey, I'm old school so the website will remain our main source of communicating to our members, but FB will be there to further increase the dynamics of what our members are asking for. It is up to each member to choose if they wish to use the new FB page or remain with the website, or get the info in game, but now there will be further open communications for all members!



Last week, our FC Raid night did not happen, much to the dismay of a few members. This is to remind all the members who are in PB that this night, above all else is for the sake of YOU! This is the night that when you need something accomplished in the game, whether it be Story content, raid content, pony/bird runs, gearing up....Whatever! All you have to do Lorient Crux of your need and he will set up the run for you. Please use this to your advantage!

PB saw the return to prime time raiding last week as a full group of PB members went into Nidhogg EX. And although this was a fairly new team, with a few veterans, the team had fun and consistently got to the add phase, just missing the Fang and Claw section of the fight. It has been decided that the prime time team will move forward, either working with existing PB members or if need be, to look elsewhere. The mission of this team is to raid, anyone who has participated in the past runs that wish to participate, are more than welcome to. 

Finally, Team FCH, had an extremely successful run into Sephirot EX, downing him at last! As well as going into Alexander Gordias Savage floor 1 and downing that content! The team is on a roll of late and although they had some hiccups with member support, they are now back on track and looking for new and more challenging content! 



The new event will be Where's Kiani? More details will be mentioned at the FC meeting on Friday, however, this will be some type of hide and seek type game with members who are able to locate Kiani's whereabouts via clues, will receive rewards!



Last Saturday night, Strider Zero....err Multizero got married to Gotita Multizero, in a lovely ceremony in the Shrouds. There were many FC members from PB and Naughty in attendance as the two tied the knot, for better or worse! CONGRATULATIONS to the newly weds!


That's it for now folks, as usual, there will be updates throughout the week, please be on the lookout!

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