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re: Larry the Lalafel's - - - Primal News!


Larry here folks, with this week's Primal News!

Quote of the Day: "Believe and Act as if it were Impossible to fail!"  Charles Kettering



The Yo Kai Watch event starts this Tuesday! Quest starts in Ul'dah, then you must participate in specific FATEs in Thanalan, Shroud, or La Noscea. If you score a Silver or Gold ranking in the FATEs you will receive YoKai medallions. These medallions can then be turned in to get the 13 new Yokai Minions!. Once you get all 13, and summon them, you will receive a Yokai MOUNT! But wait, there's more! If you summona Yokai minion that you associate with, or all 13 if you are ambitious and have bag space, lol, you can then take that minion back into the FATEs, but this time, you will earn Legendary Medallions. These medallions can be used to get the Yokai weapons! Start your engines! And may the best Pokemon.....err Yokai hunter win!

Quote of the Day: "Don't wish it was easier, wish that you were better!"



Strider Zero will be getting hitched on 7/30/2016 at 11:00PM EST to his in game waifu Gotita. The color theme is PINK so be dressed to impress! Please contact Strider for invites and more information!

New Member: Primal's Bane would like to welcome and introduce Bo Forehand to the FC! Bo is a new tank, attempting to get to 60, and many FC members have helped him get there! Let's continue to offer him and Kirito our assistance!

FC Meeting!

Last Friday, Primal's Bane decided to conduct an impromptu FC meeting to get to know each other a little better. Taking a page out of my corporate training, we conducted the Ice Breaker technique in which FC members talked about their favorite video games, books read, farthest places visited, preferences to Playstation, Xbox or PC....Corzan then reflected on each member highlighting the strengths of what each member brings to the table. The meeting wasn't attended by a lot of members, however the ten that were there really enjoyed the meeting, calling for a more formal and planned meeting to conduct the same format again! Personally, i want to thank each member who attended, some took time out of there rest period, being in Japan to attend, some held off dinner, while others when they heard of the meeting the night prior, made schedules to be there on time! So, once again, Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who attended!!! I learned a lot from each of you! The next FC meeting will be held in three weeks! Let's plan and promote this meeting so that we can help this FC grow! If you have any ideas, please inform Corzan, Epyon, Lorient, or Kiani, so that we can put your ideas into action!



Immediately following the FC meeting, PB conducted the latest in our FC Event nights! This time around, it was the return of the Chocobo 25 race!!! With about 5 racers and two judges, the stakes were really high as the Grand Prize was 1 MILLION Gil!!!The racers were: Epyon Darcia, Lorient Crux, Serena Reid, Rias Blackmane, and Strider Zero, while the Judges were Corzan Dex and Kiani Kitkat. As last time, this was a race for the Ages! The rules are simple, run the course, use the short cuts when available, and cheat by all costs! Cheating runs a risk of being caught however, and if you are caught, a Five second penalty is assessed. The race started out with Lorient winning the first lap, but then Epyon came out of nowhere on his Sleipnir mount to proceed to take the next Four laps! It wasn't until Rias decided to improvise that he over took Epyon to win lap five. Epy, not finished yet, decided to improvise his own course resuming the lead for the next three! On lap 9 Epy was caught improvising and took a Five second penalty, which allowed Serena to take lap 10, Lorient managed to win lap Eleven, while Rias took Lap Twelve. Rias took a five second penalty, which put Epy back into the lead, while Serena popped into the next lap. Lorient seized control soon after and soon, we were at the FINAL LAP! This was a "To Hell With It" lap as every racer used every short cut they could think of to get to the finish line and at the End, it was Rias, juuuuust beating Lorient, followed by Serena, then Epyon, then Strider. Word has it that Epyon's mount is under USADA testing to see if there was substance abuse used to enhance performance, but in the meantime......Rias took home 1.04million gil, Lorient won 290k gil, Serena 190k gil, Epyon 120kgil, and Strider received 20k gil.  All of the racers had a BLAST in this event, and wanted the next event to be even BIGGER!!! If you have any ideas for the next event, please let Corzan, Epyon, Lorient, or Kiani know, so that we can plan the next great time together!


Some of you may know that Primal's Bane had fielded two raid teams: one during prime time and the other at late night. Both teams have been successful in their runs however both teams have run into committment level/attendance level issues of late. Team SSB apparently took a vote without it's full membership, and decided to disband after just five weeks as a team. Team FCH has struggled to field a team, however, have remained together and have decided to regroup and are asking any FC member that plays late into the night to help support their efforts.

As for Team SSB, a new team is in development based on want and need to move forward, so in the meantime, if a FC member would like to raid in prime time, Tuesday/Wednesday from 7:30 to 9:30PM EST please see Epyon or Corzan for more information. Current needs are two tanks, 1 healer and 1 melee dps. If you are geared: 225 plus.... we can look at more end game activities, if you are not, we can look at building up your gear through raiding. The goal is to raid this week, for those that would like to, we will Party find the rest if we cannot get interest from the FC. If we do get interest from the FC, then we will decide what to do. Looking forward to it!


Last week PB finished 17th with the Twin Adders and 43 overall Grand Companies!

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