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re: Larry the Lalafel's - - - Primal News!


Hi there Folks! Larry here, with this week's Primal News!


Rankings: Last week the FC finished 14th with the Twin Adders and 25th over all GC!


Who Said it?:

Last week, no one was able to answer the Who Said It, perhaps this week, we will return to the wisdom that normally follows our team! This week's Who Said It is:

"Well Done, is Better than Well Said"......


Events: Mark your calendars folks! July 22nd Primal's Bane will conduct the Second Annual Chocobo 25 Race! This competition allows all mounts to be used and you can switch during the race, provided you have time to do so! The course map is located in the Gallery of photos, but will be held within the Mist. Prizes will be similar to the first Chocobo 25 race, however, there will be some changes. First place will receive 1million GIL, Second place 100k gil and Third place will receive 50k Gil! There will also be prizes of 10k gil per lap winner! In total, there will be 1.4k gil in winnings!!! Please make sure you tell all FC members so that we can have a great turn out! The current champion, Silent Eclipse, is looking forward to the new challenge that all new comers will bring!


As stressed before, that it is really easy to get attached to a group of people and stay within that group and ignore the rest of the FC. Let's remember that we are all a part of Primal's Bane, that we came here seeking assistance and help in the game and without that help, we would be diminished. Let's take this time to re-determine ourselves to always offer assistance to our members, especially the newer members as they level up there toons!


Last week Team FCH finally turn the corner and downed Thordan EX and then decided to run Aquapolis. The Aquapolis runs were very fun and members had a great time! Congratulations goes to Rias for his first completions! The FC Raid night saw the completion of Weeping City as some of our members did not have a chance to down the content earlier in the week. After the WC run, the group went on to running T9 for music scrolls and glamour items. Another fun night was had be all who attended!

Team SSB completed Nidhogg EX on three clears last week, then hoped to finish the runs with seven more the next night, but ran into a speed bump as our main tank was not able to make it and another tank stepped in. Primal's Bane would like to thank Josh Wynn for his tanking services on Wednesday nights run! Hopefully, Monday, we can finish up and return to Savage content.

Team SSB: there is a motion to run tonight on Monday, but since it has not been confirmed yet by Magus, please be prepared to for anything tonight! Thanks!


That's it for now people! As usual, please check here first, for all things Primal!!!

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