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re: Larry the Lalafel's - - - Primal News!


Hi There Folks! Larry here with this weeks abbreviated, Primal News!


Breaking News! Team SSB aka the Magus Darkshadow led team finally downed Nidhogg EX on it's sixth run! the night started out with clean execution throught he first third of the encounter and even though the clear did not happen until later, it was evident that everyone was focused and determined to get the clear. On the fifth attempt, the clear finally happened! In keeping with Primal's Bane tradition, the team even sacraficed Corzan in order to get the best loot possible! The Horde Rod and Orchestrion music dropped, as did the Nidhogg TTT card, but alas, no birdie. Grats to Kiani! It was then pointed out that Cor was no longer a DRG and that some of the mojo of loot dropped may have been attached to the class as well!

After the first clear, the team took a short break and went right back in. This time it took two attempts, but the clear was a little shaky as Thags went down at the end and the enrage ability was casting, but hey, a clear is a clear, and with it, the Horde Claws dropped! Grats Haunted! The last attempt of the night, was the best attempt as the run was clean with a few errors, but everyone was left standing at the end. The loot brought the team the MCH weapon which was greeded and went to Corzan. Seven more clears and it's Horde weapons for all!!!

In other News, Team FCH finally made that turn and downed Thordan EX!!! Even with higher level gear, the ol' King is still a challenging task, if you are learning the mechanics, so hat's off to the FCH for the WIN!!! The teams next challenge is Sephirot EX, which after learning Thordan, should be an easier time for the team as Sephy is more scripted than Thordan is. As usual in the HW expansion, the end phase gets a little hectic but is manageable once you learn the dance and with excellent leaders like Lorient, Moon, and Hamil on the team, a clear is a sure thing! Good Luck FCH on Sephy!!!

Lastl, more PB members were able to clear Aquapolis last week, now bringing the total clears to two! And reaching the sixth chamber to four! Great job to all who participated on the runs!!! 

Who Said it? 

"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength."

New/Returnning members:

Let's welcome back returning FC Member Nahru E'stelle back to Primal's Bane! Not to be outdone, Lena Eruthiel has also returned! 


FC Nights:

Last Friday, Lorient Crux led the FC night with another run into Weeping City as well as a run into Midas Floor 8 for those working on their 230 weapons. A planned Aquapolis run did not happen as the WC run took too much time to complete. It seems that many players are still not grasping the mechanics of this new level of Void Ark, fortunately, PB members are working together accomplishing this weekly!

Our Late evening raid team, ran another Thordan EX run and this time took a new member, Rias Blackmane with them! The team was able to get Thordan to 3% before time ran out and Rias was able to see the full run. Great Job!!! The team also ran a Weeping City run in order to help members get their needed equipment.

Our Evening raid team was down a player this past week, and so, Lorient Crux was glad to lend a helping hand! Thanks to Lorient for taking time from his schedule to help out the other seven members! The team was looking for a clear after getting to the very end of the encounter for the past week, however, it turned out to be more of a learning session as Lorient became acclimated with the run. The team nevertheless was able to get to the last stage of the encounter on a couple of attempts, as Lorient became more familiar with the fight. 


FC Events:

Mark it on your calendars! in Two weeks, Primal's Bane will host the Second, Chocobo 25 race on Friday July 22 at 7:30 PM! Prizes will be announced at a later date, the course of the race is located in the Gallery of pictures!

Patch 3.35:

That's right! the new patch will be hitting on Tuesday July 19th! Mark you calendars for this day as well, as the big new thing, Deep Dungeon, will be released. DD is a 4 player dungeon designed for anyone to challenge themselves. There are 55 floors? and you can save every ten levels and come back to where you left off! Great for levelling, great for new players, great for teamwork!


That's it for now folks, as usual, please check here first for any updates to all things, Primal!

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