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re: Larry the Lalafel's - - - Primal News!


Hello Primites!


This is Larry the lalafel reporting to you, on all things Primal!

Who Said It?:

"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards."


Last week, Primal's Bane finished just out of the top ten with an 11th place finish with the Twin Adders, however, we still maintained our top twenty with an 18th place within all Grand Companies for the week! Great Job! Stand outs were Really Cute, Silent Eclipse and Elli Lestel! Thank you for your contribution to the FC!



The officers have met, and although new ideas are still being bumped around for our next few events, it seems that the Chocobo 25 may see it's second race! That's right! you heard it here first! The last event was a great success as we had ten FC members and three officers judging the race and the Grand Prize winner came away with the Coveted Zu Mount and 250k gil! Each participant won at least 10k Gil as each racer won at least one lap! Be on the lookout for our next race, as we work out the prizes and tweek the rules! 

If you would like to see an event take place, please feel free to let an officer know of your idea and they will see if it can be put into place.

Membership and Unity:

Primal's Bane prides itself on helping each other when needed. We have based our very foundation on this principle and from this, a strong base has been estabilshed. It is easy to be the loner or part of a smaller group, and not want to help, and I would be amiss if I did not feel that way from time to time, but what makes a community strong is when people of all ages and walks of life come together to make something that will last beyond the boundaries of the game that we all play. 

When our own members go against this simple rule: To HELP others when you can; anger, animosity, and disgust start to take hold and bares stress on the ground work that was layed when this FC was created. If our members cannot aide by this rule, accountability must be adhered to, even if the consequence seems harsh and cruel, it is better to rise from the ashes and rebuild, then to exist in a group who ignores other members! I would like to think and hope, that NONE of our members would purposely ignore the aide of another member, if it was within your time and ability to help. Of course! If you have plans, or were preparing to complete something yourself, or even if you do not want to complete anything, the key is to not IGNORE! One can say, "I didn't see the chat...or, "I was zoning..." and these are logical, acceptable explanations, but if you ignored a request from a lack of regard, then that is not what this FC is about! For the sake of our newer members as well as our older members, let's take this opporutunity to help each other because that will only make this FC GREAT! I end this admonition, wishing you reflection upon each of our members, so that we can grow together and move forward!



The End Game Primal's Bane raiding team continued its way to clearing Nidhogg EX. On Tuesday, the team seemed to take a step backwards with missteps and misque's leading the opening encounter. In fact, very little progress was being made, but the difference about this team is that the team trusts the leadership of Magus and they adjust according to his direction. On the second run, things started to turn around as the Primal's Bane team began to edge forward to the point to where they exceeded where they were the week prior! 

On Wednesday, the team had a much better result at the beginning, but the run was a little inconsistent as more mistakes were made. As on Tuesday however, the second part or the two part run was very successful as the team has now seen the entire encounter and has survived it! Now, it's a matter of tweeking the mistakes and improving the DPS! Hopefully a clear is in the works for this week.

The team is Running this Monday instead of Tuesday as our fearless leader will be celebrating his B-Day!

The Primal's Bane raid team: FCH had taken the previous week off so this past week was getting back into the swing of things with a clear of Weeping City!

Primal's Bane Friday night FC raid was led by Lorient Crux, and he did a phenomenal job getting the players together by completing a Weeping City for those who needed it and then, it was off to Aquapolis! Although the AQ was a little harsh to the team, only allowing for 8 portals out of 19 maps, a great time was had by all! Thanks to Lorient for conducting a successful FC night! Looking forward to next week!

That's it for now folks, as always, please check here first with all things, Primal!


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