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re: Larry the Lalafel's - - - Primal News!


Happy Monday week Primites!


Who Said It?

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.


(UPDATE): Please Enjoy, the latest issue of the Moogle E-zine!


Rankings: Last week Primal's Bane jumped a full spot this week to finish Ranked 7 with the Twin Adders and 13th overall Grand Companies!!! Great Job!!!


New Members:

Last week, Primal's Bane had Three new members joined our team! With great pleasure, Primal's Bane would like to welcome: Cee Boogie, Vassafor Gesundrian, and Yashiin Ashavahumana to the FC!!!! Please make sure that each of us take some time to help these new players along as they work toward 60 and/or open up the end game content. I believe Vass is working on unlocking his level 50 dungeons so for those who are working on your current stage relics, now's a great time to take Vass with you and get your Eso's and Poetics!!!


Raiding: Word got back to me last week that our Final Coil Hooligans team was not able to run due to a Real Life get together! Lorient, Kha'len, Lynette, Xion, and others gathered together in Ohio to meet at a comic/card con over the weekend, and hopefully, had a great time! Pics incoming? FCH should be back to rolling again this week and perhaps Thordan EX will be wrapped up!

On the other side of the raiding pool was Team Nametobedeteremined run into Nidhogg EX. Two weeks ago, on their first attempt, the team got Niddy down to the fourth of six stages and last week, the team got to the final sixth stage repeatedly!!! The team is looking for a clear this Tuesday and Wednesday so that they can start getting some of the weapons and refocus on Midas Savage. So far, every goal that has been set, has been met and even surpassed, so a clear should be within grasps as long as the team members continue to research and study the end portion of this fight. Keep it up!!!

Our Friday night FC Raid was really FUN!!! As our members were able to get their clear of Void Ark, as well as a clear of Weeping City and M8 normal! Less and less complaints on the Wiping City nowadays, so that's a good sign that people are learning mechanics! After these runs were finished, it was off to do some EX runs of Garuda, Ifrit and Titan for various reasons. If you have an interest for Friday night FC Raids, please do not hesitate to let an officer know, so that they can schedule it in for you!


FC Event:

Our next FC Event is in it's early planning stages....currently the officers are looking for perspective ideas. As you know, the last Chocobo 25 race was a huge success with many of our members winning thousands of gil and prizes! Our next event will promise to do the same, offerrering grand prizes, second and third place prizes as well! Look for more information soon!

That's it for now folks, as always, please check here first as to any news pertaining to all things Primal!!!

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