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re: Larry the Lalafel's - - - Primal News!


Hi There Primites! Larry here, with this week's Primal News!


Rankings: Last week PB finished ranked 8 with the Twin Adders and 15 the overall Grand Companies! Great Job!


Primal's Bane and Patch 3.3:

Last week, saw the release of the newest patch from SE, entitled: Revenge of the Horde! Our FC jumped full force into the latest content by having many members focus on the continuation and ending of the Dragonsong War storyline in which, they opened up one of the two new dungeons: Sohr Khai. Next up, or at the same time depending on who the player is, the FC helped each other open up Hullbreaker Isle HM. Both dungeons are outdoor settings and have some unique gameplay mechanics. Try jumping off of the Fan mobs to get a haste boost while in Sohr Khai! 

After unlocking the two new dungeons, it was back to the main scenario quests to unlock Nidhogg normal trial. This fight was straightforward with the typical don't stand in that stuff, move over there when this happens, and get ready to heal the tanks when the tank buster hits. Oh, also use a lot of AoE heals! After one shotting the normal mode and viewing the awesome cut scene that happens after, it was on to the Aquapolis!

Many of the FC members had stored up there Timeworn Dragonskin Maps and a full raid party was created and each member carried two maps each, in the hopes of opening up the Aquapolis. Once inside the Aquapolis, you see a treasure room, the person who's map belonged to has the opportunity to open the chest. This will spawn mobs to come out, and after defeating the mobs, two doors will be available to open. Choose wisely, and it's on to the next room, choose poorly, and POOF! you are booted out of the instance and it is back to trying again. Corzan seemed to have the best luck of the night getting the group to stage 6 of 7 twice and getting to stage 7 of 7 once! Cor became the FC's first Ninja Warrior....err, the FC's first member to unlock all seven stages! Thagrosh, was able to maneuver the team to stage 6, as did Raih Fashonti, and Epyon Darcia. By the end of the run, Millions of Gil was made, as each member went to sell there goods!

Next up, the Weeping City of Mhachi! This is the newest leg of the Void Ark series and many people didn't seem to remember the challenge that was Void ARk, or even World of Darkness was, and soon, the word on the street was this was now called the Wiping City. Our team however, went in head first and was able to one shot the first boss, we struggled a bit on the second, as we worked out mechanics, and the third boss was challenging due to the fact that you are at the mercy of the other two teams. Once they learned to the mechanic, Ozma was easy, and our teams have one shotted it since!. The last boss, although not difficult per se, gave us a challenge at first as well, because of the "newness" of the encounter. People had to learn to stay behind the boss to know when to move left, or right, to get next to a plant with an axe head on it, or to move to a principal position to get knocked back in a safe place. After a second try, the team was able to successfully defeat the encounter.

In between all of the fun, members also opened and unlocked the newest beast tribe: the Moogles! This beast tribe is all about crafting so if you haven't levelled your crafters to 60 yet, now is a great time to do so. Gil tip, after completing quests, you will receive a Kupo Nut as currency to buy gear and items. One of the items are coiled fiber and this fiber was selling for a pure million gil on the Market Board!They have since gone down to 350k to 400k, but still a nice chunk of change!



FC Raid night was filled with a run through the Weeping City of Mhachi as we move to get more members a clear. And also, the FC conducted a Birdie run into Bismark EX in the hopes of getting the new weapon drops and or items for barding and what not. All in all, a great time was had by all who participated!

Final Coil Hooligans also were able to run their raid this week and back into Thordan EX they went! Although not considered end game content anymore, Thordan is still a challenge to complete when you have new members who are learning the mechanics. And the team went in the intent to clear the old king. The attempts were solid and the team managed to get the king down to 2% before the time expired, but it was a great effort on those who participated as many of our members in the FC have not cleared Thordan yet, so to see the team tackle this challenge is a great thing! Next up for FCH was a clear of Nidhogg normal for those who had not cleared earlier and also another run into the Weeping City to get a clear for the team.

This week, Magus Darkshadow's Static team will enter the fray with possible looks at Nidhogg EX and continuation of M1S and beyond!


That's it for now folks, remember to check here first for any FC updates and info!

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