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re: Larry the lalafel's- - - Primal News!


Gooday Primites!

Larry here with this week's Primal News! Lots to cover, so let's get started!


Rankings: There are no rankings posted due to PATCH 3.3 is around the corner! I will post our efforts once the Lodestone returns!

FC Meeting:

Last Friday, PB conducted our often sporadic, yet exciting and knowledgeable FC Meeting! We had one of our largest attendance to date and the officer council would like to thank each and everyone of the members that attended and helped support the FC!!! For those who didn' get this article, lol!

Our fearless leader, Thagrosh Hellborn kicked off the meeting with some announcements: First off, was the announcement of the FC deciding to end our endgame progression efforts as it was becoming clear, that if we wanted to move together, that we would need more time in doing so. We decided to scrap both raid teams in order to do this, as well as to give anyone who was raiding a new opportunity to help kick off a new team, but after three weeks of tryouts to figure out the best make up of teams, RL schedules, and days of the week people could participate, it was decided that it could not be done. The team schedule was coming along fine and was almost on the point of being worked out, but at the last hour, two potential members decided on changes and the schedule was just not feasible.

Although when a door closes, it is said that another one opens and for PB, two doors did! The first was in the reformation of Final Coil Hooligans, that after many nights completing Fun raids, the team has decided to move onto newer content. The team raids in the late evenings, and I'm sure that if anyone would like to participate, and if there is room, they will gladly take you with them! The second door that opened was Magus Darkshadow's announcement of wanting to participate in end game content and that he was going to move forward with creating a Linkshell static team made of up FC members and outside the FC players. If there are FC members interested in End Game raiding, you may feel free to contact Magus and he will let you know if there are spots available or will let you know, what he is looking for.

Next up was Lorient Crux's reiteration of TeamSpeak etiquette. Lorient stressed that if you choose to come into TS, please come in with respect and understanding, that if there are already people in TS, that a conversation is already in progress. Sometimes it is easy to take over a TS conversation, while not realizing that a conversation was already being spoken of. Also, Lorient mentioned to be mindful of your language and vulgarity! It is ok to use language that you may not otherwise use at your job or school, but please try and respect that not all members choose to use that language and when you know that you are going overboard with the language and someone asks to cut if back, please do so.

Next up was Corzan Dex and his rendition of Patch 3.3! As you know, the latest patch will be issued this Tuesday and what at first looked to be one of the smaller updates, is turning out to be one of the largest! There will be new Main scenario quests, new sidequests, new Hildebrand quests, to go with two new end game dungeons, the next installment of Void Ark: The weeping city of Mhachi, new relic continuation, new beastman: Moogle, new Primals: Nidhogg normal and EX, new flower pottery, new PvP, new class changes, and many, many more exciting things to do, come tomorrow! You can read the Patch notes here:

Lastly, Thagrosh returned to the center of the meeting and thanked everyone of the members who showed up to the meeting and it was off to the FC Raid night!



Final Coil Hooligans ran Friday evening and completed three runs of Ravanna EX and had TWO bird mount drops!!! Congratulations to Hamilcar and Xion for the winning rolls. Of course, i'm not sure if they know this or not, but with Hamil winning one of the mounts, that the Ravanna bird will never drop again...I don't think even a Corzan sacrifice would work against that dark magic! After the warm up runs, it was off to Thordan EX where they got the king down to 7% before calling it a night. Great job!

That's it for now, folks! We now wait for the new patch to download, and the continuation of the story that is Primal's Bane shall continue!


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